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All Black Everything


Whenever I'm not in New York and I get dressed for the day, there's always at least one person who manages to comment on my all black outfit: you are so New York. What's up with that?

Sure, lots of New York women wear all black but it's more than just a characteristic of the city; it's a representation on the type of woman you really are. And I'm not talking about the "goth" girl with chains, spikes, black nail polish, and dark lipstick. I'm talking about a classy woman who has a diverse wardrobe in terms of style, but when it comes to color? All black everything!

Velvet Crush


Move over leather and suede shoes, velvet heels have made a major comeback this fall. I saw these heels and instantly remembered when I was a little girl and my mom used to dress me in velvet flares all the time. I never in a million years thought they would make a major comeback. I am seeing velvet everywhere from colored booties to slip dresses. I just love the feel of velvet after all I can’t resist the smooth, soft, and luxurious feel of that fabric. If you love this trend like I do, make sure to wear it in the next few months during the fall and winter. The fabric is a little too heavy to be worn in spring and summer in my opinion. These heels and choker are the first velvet purchases this season but you will definitely be seeing a lot more of it. On a side note, I can’t get enough of this bag!

Kamik Step Outside


A cold winter is definitely upon us and I will definitely be needing a lot of boots to add to my closet. Today I have teamed up with Zappos & Kamik to showcase how I #stepoutside this winter in my new winter boots. It isn’t snowing just yet in New York but we are hitting temperatures in the low 40’s already which means it’s time to get out those boots to keep my feet warm. Before I decided to hit the pumpkin patch this weekend, I had to start with a great outfit and I was sure to steer clear of orange so I don’t blend in with the pumpkins. I was thinking cozy, cute and a little different than your average fall outfit. I ditched my heeled boots and wellies for these Kamik Sienna boots which are much more durable for walking on grass and dirt. If you want to spruce up these boots you can throw on your favorite thick socks to peek out over the boot or your favorite leg warmers with leggings to create more layers and looks of coziness. By the way did you see the cute little pumpkin I picked below? I picked up a couple little white pumpkins as well. When shopping for your next pair of winter boots make sure to check out Zappos They promise fast, free shipping, 365 day return policy, and world-class customer service. 

C/O Zappos & Kamik Sienna Taupe Boots

* This post is sponsored by Zappos & Kamik